Improving our environment — recycling food waste

Committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Glen Eira City Council is proud to be one of the first councils in Victoria’s south-east to introduce food waste recycling.

With food leftovers making up almost half of household garbage bin waste in Glen Eira, this new initiative continues to work hard in reducing the 15,000 tonnes of landfill collected by Council each year.

Left in landfill, rotting food waste creates methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. This initiative, which complements home composting, is one of the biggest opportunities for Glen Eira to reduce emissions whilst continuing to work towards our 2030 target of zero net emissions.

Free kitchen caddies have also been provided to support the change, assisting residents to recycle all leftover food scraps such as meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, in addition to garden pruning, tissues and paper towels.

Food scraps collected go to make compost, which is used on farms to improve soil.

Click here for more information and to order your kitchen caddy.