Designing the future of Glen Eira

Well located, better designed development across Glen Eira is now more certain with the Council adoption of Quality Design Guidelines.

In 2017 Glen Eira City Council undertook two stages of community consultation to develop Quality Design Guidelines to address concerns over neighbourhood character being lost due to inappropriately located, poorly designed development. These consultations built upon the feedback previously received in the 2016 Planning Scheme Review and considered feedback received throughout the structure planning process.

The Guidelines, which were adopted at a Council Meeting on Tuesday 6 March, are now in place for all new commercial and residential development across our City, and outline appropriate building types for each location and set architectural design standards to protect what is unique about our suburbs.

Some examples include:

  • Focusing apartment buildings on main roads and encouraging medium density garden townhouses in local residential streets.
  • Protecting heritage facades on local shopping streets and limiting building heights.
  • Reducing the visual presence of driveways, garages and parking on streetscapes.
  • Using hard-wearing, natural and familiar materials to provide continuity with existing buildings.
  • Retaining and planting canopy trees and large areas of landscaping.

The Guidelines will provide greater direction for developers and will be used to assess the suitability of future planning permit applications.

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