Our continued commitment to open space

Council’s Open Space Strategy 2013−2026 guides the planning, provision, design and management of public open space in Glen Eira. This includes understanding and addressing the open space needs of the existing community and planning ahead to anticipate and meet the open space needs of our growing municipality.

During 2017−2018, we continued our commitment to open space and consulted with the community on a number of redevelopment opportunities, outlined below. This feedback translated into concept plans for seven projects, upon which we have worked with design specialists to prepare final construction designs.

Design projects finalised in 2017−2018 included:

Harleston Park, Elsternwick — the playground will be redeveloped to reflect a new contemporary space for the community. This includes reconfiguring the playground and incorporating nature-based play such as: timber cubby houses; scrambling rocks; challenging logger steps; a sensory maze; and a giant sandpit. Native plantings will also be included throughout the play space and an acorn cubby house will pay tribute to the Pin Oaks that grace the site. A new ball sport area with a basketball ring will also be installed as well as a secondary shelter and barbecue area with seating. A new public toilet will also be constructed.

Bentleigh/Hodgson Reserve, Bentleigh — the existing senior play space at Bentleigh Hodgson Reserve will be redeveloped to maximise the use of limited open space within Glen Eira. The space will feature a multi-play court area, with soccer goals, a basketball ring, netball ring and tennis hit-up wall, a ping-pong table, bouldering wall and climbing structure.

Rosanna Street Reserve, Carnegie — a sensory garden experience will be created at the eastern end of the Reserve. A central shelter, tables and a range of seating will provide opportunities for social gatherings, contemplation or relaxation. Additional canopy trees will expand on the existing avenue of maple trees, increase habitat for birdlife and provide a buffer to neighbouring properties.

McKinnon Reserve, McKinnon — the play space at McKinnon Reserve will be redeveloped in two stages. Stage one will include an upgrade of the play space to include a tree house cubby, five-way swing, village shop, monkey bars, double flying fox and other play elements. Concurrently, a new public toilet will be installed near to the existing shelter. Stage two will see the construction of a large multipurpose ball sport area, with basketball rings and a netball ring, as well as installation of a custom designed bouldering wall.

Joyce Park, Ormond — an informal active sports area will be created by the inclusion of the eastern bowling green — previously part of the Glen Eira McKinnon Bowls Club. The new open space will feature a double-sided tennis hit up wall; basketball rings; soccer goal posts; seating, shelter and drink fountain; pathways and garden beds; and surrounding car park lighting.

Spring Road Reserve, Caulfield South — enhancements to the North Road frontage will create an inviting and attractive space — and one that is identifiable as open space. This will see the existing bluestone paving modified to provide an easily accessible space, with new bench seating and garden beds. Trees will be pruned to improve safety and visibility.

The Wedge, Caulfield East — see major consultations.

Construction for these projects will commence in 2018−19.

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