Large carbon emissions reduction in 2017−18

Glen Eira City Council’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2016-2021 set strong carbon emissions reduction targets, with a further 25 per cent reduction in emissions by 2021 and a long-term goal of ‘zero net emissions from Council operations by 2030’.

In-line with this, Council’s 2017–18 carbon footprint decreased by 8 per cent to 9,961 tonnes CO2 equivalent compared to 10,837 tonnes the previous financial year. This decrease was due primarily to a 396 per cent increase in solar power generation and an overall decrease in electricity use at Council sites.

The biggest decreases in electricity use were achieved at Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre (9 per cent), Town Hall (6 per cent), and Spurway Community (3 per cent).

Significant reductions in emissions were also achieved from all large buildings (31 per cent), gas (9 per cent), and small buildings (6.5 per cent).

The decrease in emissions is also assisted by the increase in both residential and commercial renewable energy systems supplying the Victorian electricity grid.

With more renewable energy and energy efficiency projects already underway this financial year, along with those in the planning stage, Council hopes to see further reductions again at the end of 2018–19, moving ever closer to our 2030 target.

Click here to view Council’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy.