Council’s strategic planning process

Our online Annual Report is a key reporting tool used to monitor Council’s performance
during 2017–18 against our Council and Community Plan 2017–2021.

Our Council and Community Plan is the strategic framework for all of Council’s plans and activities. The Strategic Resource Plan, which forms part of this Plan, is a rolling 10 year plan that outlines the financial and non-financial resources that Council requires to achieve the strategic objectives described in the Council and Community Plan 2017–2021. The Plan is structured around five key priority areas that will drive Council activities over the next three years.

Council’s current performance reporting is completed both monthly for financial reporting and quarterly against commitment actions as outlined in our Council and Community Plan 2017–2021.

The annual commitments are set each year to ensure that the longer-term strategic indicators of success are achieved across the life of the Council and Community Plan 2017–2021.

Council and Community Plan goals and results 2017–2018

The Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2017–2021 (the Plan) sets a vision for the City of Glen Eira and identifies our goals and aspirations for the next three years.

The Plan has been formulated in partnership with our community. It provides a guide for individuals, businesses, local groups and other levels of government on strategic priorities for the City. These priorities have been developed from information gathered through a consultative process, supported by an analysis of demographic data, and with reference to key government and social policies.

The planning and reporting process diagram outlines our accountability framework.

The Plan’s five themes are presented in the following pages along with their long-term community goal, the strategic objectives of those goals, their accompanying commitments and performance tables.

Liveable and well designed

Long-term community goal:
A well planned City that is a great place to live.

We are committed to Glen Eira being a well designed City that is safe, attractive and vibrant for our residents and businesses. We will provide for social activities, employment and a range of residential opportunities.

Our town planning decision-making process will be fair, transparent, timely and inclusive. We will give residents the opportunity to contribute towards policies that affect their quality of life and their neighbourhood. Our approach will prioritise the uniqueness of each place and be informed by the views and perspectives of our diverse communities.

Our community infrastructure is essential to supporting liveability and we will design and manage our roads, buildings and community spaces to ensure Glen Eira remains a great place to live.

To view our 2017–18 progress, download PDF

Accessible and well connected

long-term community goal:
A City that is easy to move around, full of safe travel options and walkable neighbourhoods.

We are committed to maintaining a safe footpath network, upgrading bicycle routes and coming up with new solutions to address parking demands.

We will encourage various modes of transport, including walking. Our aspiration is to create neighbourhoods where people can access the goods and services they need, within 20 minutes of where they live, travelling by foot, bicycle or public transport.

Our transport network will be safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. It will address the demands of today and cater for Glen Eira’s future.

To view our 2017–18 progress, download PDF

Safe, healthy and inclusive

A strong and safe community that connects people and enhances health and wellbeing.

We are committed to being a community that is safe, healthy and inclusive. Our aim is to help people feel socially included, with access to quality support services. We will build a social environment that encourages participation, where people are safe in their homes and around our streets.

Our residents will have access to the services, activities and infrastructure that make it easy for them to stay healthy and get involved in community life. We will encourage and provide opportunities for our residents to lead active and healthy lives. We will support local community groups, organisations and networks that play an important role in providing opportunities and settings for people to connect.

Our libraries, pavilions, and community centres will be vibrant hubs that bring people together for recreation, learning and social interaction. Our events, festivals and cultural activities will promote community inclusion and celebrate our rich diversity.

To view our 2017–18 progress, download PDF

Clean and sustainable

An attractive and sustainable environment for future generations.

Our City will be attractive and environmentally sustainable. We will protect the diversity of plants and animals, and provide for a healthy environment that supports our community to live healthy and happy lives. We will improve our own environmental sustainability and partner with our community to reduce our ecological footprint.

We will be a leader in providing access to high quality parks, open space and active recreation facilities, which are vibrant, and accessible. Our streets and built environment will be clean and inviting and we will continue to demonstrate leadership in our contemporary approaches to sustainability, waste management and recycling.

To view our 2017–18 progress, download PDF

Informed and engaged

A well governed Council that is committed to transparency and engages residents in decision-making.

Our community will be well informed and engaged. We will provide access to timely and relevant information about issues which affect them and establish a range of opportunities for them to share their views, comment on our performance and actively participate in decision-making.

We will remain contemporary and connected to our residents. Decisions made will be evidence-based, transparent and in the best interests of the whole community. We will work to build a community that is well-informed and actively participates in Council decision-making.

We will retain our reputation for good governance, ensure that Council continues to comply with the principles of sound financial management and provide full, accurate and timely disclosure of financial information relating to Council.

To view our 2017–18 progress, download PDF

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